Research at the Faculty

Academic research represents, in Law, Political Science and Criminology, a significant part of the activity carried out at the heart of our Faculty. To carry out this activity successfully the Faculty can count on over 150 researchers, who cover a very significant number of areas.


Their work takes the form of monographs - within and beyond the Collection of the Faculty published by  Larcier - doctoral theses, publications in national and international academic journals - including the Faculty Review, also published by Larcier. Most of these publications are now freely available on Orbi, the University's digi-library.


The researcher's agenda is subject to permanent external solicitations. Thus it is sometimes difficult to take a necessary step back to determine what separates the particular question of the day from fundamental issues. This step is nonetheless essential: researchers cannot allow themselves be guided solely by short-term developments. To avoid that they must also look into the long term trends capable of changing the face of the discipline.


It was into an examination of this that the Faculty's professors wished to throw themselves in the collection, "The Future of Research", published in 2010 within the framework of the Inaugural Lessons aimed at welcoming the new members of our academic body. These Lessons are the second in a cycle of three years which enabled the distribution in 2009 of a booklet which included the curriculum vitae of the ensemble of the professors.


Conscious of the fragility of any venturing into forecasting, our professors thus describe in this collection some of the main challenges of research which they will be presented with over the next twenty years.

Pascale Lecocq

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