Mise à l'honneur

60 ans de l'EU Legal Studies


Echoes of the Past, Prospects for the Future: 60 years of EU legal studies at Liège

Institutional and Procedural Law - Competition Law - Digital Single Market Law


In 1963, Pierre Pescatore created the Institut d'études juridiques européennes (IEJE), under the impetus of Fernand Dehousse. This was the beginning of teaching and research work entirely devoted to “European law” within the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology of the University of Liege.


The sixtieth anniversary of the IEJE - renamed in 2020 "EU Legal Studies" - is an opportunity to highlight the law of the European Union by examining the current challenges in the three main research themes of the institute: institutional and procedural law, competition law, internal market, digital and intellectual property law.


The topics addressed in this book are diverse and varied (justiciability of the principle of an open market economy and free competition, applicability of competition law to States, rule of law and independence of judges, autonomy of Union law, enforcement of Union law and remedies, emergence of a digital single market, etc.). However, the research questions addressed show a certain unity. Indeed, in each of the contributions, the reader will find analyses which, through various provisions of primary or secondary European Union law, essentially deal with the same question: how, in practice, does the European Union legal order apprehend the concept of sovereignty (political, economic, digital) of the Member States? That fundamental question was at the heart of the first scientific analyses of the European integration project and continues to inspire the research of the members of EU Legal Studies.

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