Traineeships, student dissertations and clinical exercises

Supervised work

To conclude their Bachelors in Political Science students write a synthetic essay on a subject approved by the supervising professor and a second reader. This work is the result of documentary research and should provide an overview of what has been written on a particular theme. Important bibliographical research work, which is appropriately used in the text, is thus required. Students must demonstrate a critical sense and an ability to summarise through the comparison of the different sources.

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Work placement programmes

Students registered for the different Masters offered by the Department of Political Science may carry out a work placement programme which will count for 6 credits in their University curriculum.

In practice students who wish to carry out a work placement programme have the possibility of suggesting such a programme (personal initiative), or choosing from the list offered by the Department. Depending on the choice taken, the administrative steps students have to carry out are appreciably different.

For more information, please consult the explanatory note.




Through the writing of a dissertation students in Political Science must demonstrate their capacity to make use of what they have learnt and acquired over the course of their studies in the context of personal and rigorous research on a particular subject. It is a work involving the construction of ideas and not merely one of compilation. Within it students will demonstrate a critical sense and an ability to summarise.


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