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Supported by 100 professors and 60 teacher and research assistants, the faculty welcomes some 1800 new students every year, in the first (undergraduate), second (graduate) and third (PhD programme) cycles.


The faculty espouses a humanist approach that allows students to explore a variety of disciplines peripheral to their main area of interest. There is also a focus on maintaining a curriculum that enables students to learn within a context of workplace readiness, so as to be able to perform as professionals within their sector of interest upon graduation.


With a central focus on research, the faculty has long maintained an interest in international exchanges. This has included fostering relationships with foreign schools, as well as welcoming students and faculty from other institutions, as well as encouraging the mobility of its own students.


Found in the heart of the greater area of Liege, the university itself is located just fifteen minutes from the downtown core. Known as the cité Ardente (‘passionate city’), Liege is a multicultural and dynamic centre. ­­­­­


History of the Faculty (1817-2010)

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